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Who We Are

We are the leader in prestige beauty retail, and dedicated to bringing our customers an unparalleled shopping experience providing beauty products and services accentuating professionalism, convenience, and customer service. We currently have 12 stores and continue to expand nation wide.

Our Mission

To provide a variety of high quality beauty products. We strive to be a leader in the beauty supply industry, emphasizing the needs of our customers. Beauty 4U prides us to be one of the largest beauty supply retail
stores in 
the nation. 

Our Values

Our values serve as our roadmap, guiding every aspect of our business, in order to achieve quality and sustainable growth. At Beauty 4U, we SERVE our customers and our community. 

Exceptional service to our customers is our number one priority.  We make every effort to serve customers as our guests with attention, product knowledge, and care.  The commitment to serving not only our customers, but also our fellow colleagues, is the backbone of our company’s culture. 

We are the first to smile and greet others.  Going above and beyond to meet our guests and coworkers expectations defines our commitment to our customers, community, and values. 

As one of our core values, our management team champions people who embrace responsibility.  Responsibility means taking ownership and embracing a role as ambassadors of our Beauty 4U brand and values. 

We take pride in our diverse community, with respect as the foundation of our collaborative environment
and our team atmosphere. We respect and welcome people from different cultural backgrounds, upbringings,
and ethnicities. 

Our goal is not to provide the cheapest product, but to offer value to our customer through service, quality,
and competitive prices. 

As a team, we value those who take initiative to learn and grow individually and collectively in order to share
this knowledge with others. 


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